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  • How to Choose an English Saddle

    How to Choose an English Saddle

    If you’re reading this, then most likely you’re thinking of buying an English saddle. After your horse, the saddle is the most significant investment many horse lovers will make, so it is an important decision. This guide is here to help you through that process and is essential reading before you begin to search for […]

  • Best Leather Horse Saddle Bags

    Best Leather Horse Saddle Bags

    What is the point of owning a horse if you don’t go trail riding? Out on the trail, just me and my mare surrounded by beautiful wilderness and breathing in that fresh mountain air, well, that’s when I feel truly alive. And if there’s one essential piece of extra tack you’ll need out on the […]

  • Best Bareback Pads – Buyer’s Guide

    I love bareback horseback riding! For me, it’s because when there’s no clunky saddle between me and my horse, it seems I can feel every powerful muscle on her back tense and relax in rhythmic order. You know how when your horse picks up into a smooth canter you feel like you’re floating over clouds? […]